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Audi Q3 is a novelty in a compact class

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At the Shanghai Motor Show, Audi Q3 was represented among many new products, which is a representative of crossovers produced by the German company from Ingolstadt. Analyzing trends in the global automobile market, large automakers always try to be one step ahead. Therefore, a decrease in sales of large crossovers prompted them to the development of models of a more compact class. Currently, the Audi manufacturer company seeks to keep up with such well -known brands as BMW, Land Rover and Volvo. In the presented model, the belonging to the Audi line is determined by the chrome border frame with four rings. Classics in Audi design is visible at the sight of the side. This is a visual separation of the side of the body with a line of the windows below. As well as powerful wheel arches and a dynamic line in the ray of thresholds, which set a kind of accent. One third of the metal parts of the body falls on the glazing of the car. Basically, the car body is made of sheet steel of alternating section by means of hot stamping, and if there is a hood and rear door made of aluminum, it has high strength and optimal weight within one and a half thousand kilograms in the classic version. The streamlined bend of the roof, where the spoiler of the rear door is located at the top and racks that have the optimal angle of inclination inherent in the dynamic design of the sports coupe of this manufacturer, provided an aerodynamic resistance equal to 0.32.Which, in turn, reduced fuel consumption at the rate of 5.2 liters per 100 km of track for the basic configuration of the Audi Q3 (engine 2.0 tdi in 140 l. With).Audi Q3 salon has a spacious volume, while harmoniously combined with the elegance of the body lines. Despite the small size of the car, the system of transformation of the second -row seats can significantly increase the luggage volume of four hundred and sixty liters to one thousand three hundred sixty -five liters. The novelty of this series “Q” is a seven -inch color display of the navigation system. Audi calling card is the ideal quality of the finish and the impeccability of the style when selecting materials and color scheme. For this brand, a number of color decisions of the decoration of the salon of black, beige, gray and two chestnut shades are provided. The upholstery material can be – the fabric of its three types and a leather three species with four versions of decorative inserts. The presence of high technological standards in the Audi Q3 is a lot of cool options. This is the on -board computer, which contains an efficient driving program, a system of additional lighting of the cabin, based on LEDs, various devices to fix the luggage in the cabin, seats of the sports -style, having electric drive and heating, control the central lock, and starting the engine from pressing the button entrusted on the Keyless-Entry system, a stylish design of a leather three-spoke steering wheel, climate control with two zones, as well as tinted rear windows. Automatic switching of headlight of headlights will make comfortable movement in the dark. Audi Q3 will be equipped with four types of two -liter engines with four cylinders. All of them have great power, with a torque from 280 to 380H • m. In all engines, progressive technologies for improving the efficiency of Audi are used, this is also the direct injection of fuel, the recovery regime, turbocharged and the start-stop system system. Tesi -two engines are represented in the options: one hundred and seventy horsepower (130 kW) with all -wheel drive and six -speed mechanical gearbox, and two hundred eleven horsepower (155 kW) with all -wheel drive and seven -speed KP S Tronic. TDI two -liter engines are represented – one hundred and seventy -seven horsepower (130 kW) with all -wheel drive and the seven -speed KP S Tronic, and one hundred and forty horsepower (103 kW) front -wheel drive with a six -speed mechanical gearbox. In all -wheel drive vehicles, a hydraulic multi -disc clowing is presented, which can instantly redistribute the torque between the wheels of the front and rear axle. The combination in the Audi Q3 of a high level of security and comfort as a representative of the sports segment is confirmed by the thoughtful settings of the chassis of the chassis. The design of the four -leaf rear suspension perceives the separate force acting both in the longitudinal and transverse direction. The steering is equipped with an electromechanical amplifier that allows you to control the car clearly and effectively. The use of an electromechanical parking brake is convenient and comfortable. All engines models are equipped with Audi Drive Select movement control system. With its help, the characteristic of the accelerator and steering pedal changes. When equipping with systems as a gearbox S Tronic, adaptive lighting and cruise control, the Audi Drive Select can configure their characteristics. It is available to the driver to choose the following operating modes – Fort, Auto, Dynamic and Efficiency. When choosing an Efficience mode, climate control and cruise control corresponds to a decrease in fuel consumption. Audi Q3 is complex with 16-inch alloy wheels with tires 215/65, but the installation of wheels with a diameter of 17 to 19 inches is also possible. All tires have low rolling resistance, and the brake system is powerful and effective with ventilated front brakes. The ESP course stability system, which is equipped with the Audi Q3, has a built -in interval differential blocking mode and allows you to distribute a torque between the wheels when passing the car at maximum modes. To release Audi Q3 will be at the Seat factory in Martorell. In Europe, car prices will come from thirty thousand euros.

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