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Audi is developing a compact crossover based on Polo.

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Audi car producer plans to replenish his model range by a budget compact crossover called Q1. According to Autobild journalists, the car will be created on the basis of the Volkswagen Polo model. The debut of the car will be carried out at least in 2016, and the cost of basic options for the model in Europe will be no more than 20,000 euros.

The cheapest SUV this company now costs almost 1.5 times more. The main difference between the novelty and the older brothers of the brand is the lack of a drive to all the wheels, and it will not be offered even in top modifications – the car will be sold only with the front -wheel drive.

The gamut of power units will be separated by the new Q1 with car A1. Initial engines, both diesel and gasoline, develop 90 liters. C, and their working volume is 1.4 liters. This version of the SQ1 model will be equipped with a turbocharged 231-horsepower four-cylinder unit with a volume of two liters.

Until 2018, the company also plans to replenish the line with a version with a hybrid power plant – the gasoline engine will work paired with an electric motor. Crossovers are in demand among many motorists, as they are compact and comfortable.

In recent years, many new models have been produced that replenish the ranks of comfortable cars. Famous companies have produced a lot of compact new generation crossovers. In the coming years, it will be possible to buy just such crossovers.

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