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What to pay attention to when choosing a mini-excavator

by newsgary

Mini-excavators were considered toys in comparison with heavy equipment several decades ago, when they were first presented on the market. However, today they deserve a separate place in the category of construction equipment. Mini -excavators are not just a reduced copy of a large excavator – this is a special technique designed for those work where its large counterpart is not appropriate, too large or simply not suitable. They earned the respect of the contractors of communal construction, landscape construction and other industries. Mini-excavators are convenient for ease of operation, small trace, low cost and accuracy. They can do any work and therefore they are very useful for any project.

Choice and inspection of a mini-excavator

1. First you need to choose the option of a mini excavator for your project. They are of various sizes, from super compact weighing up to 4000 pounds, to heavyweights, which are almost squeezed into the dimensions of the standard class of excavators. If you just need to dig a trench or ditch for small irrigation projects, as well as if you are limited in space, choose a small model. And it is better to take such a model for rent.

If you are interested in the rental of a mini excavator in St. Petersburg, then you can contact the CCT company, which specializes in the rental of construction equipment, attaching equipment, and also carries out work on the dismantling of buildings, drilling, asphalt, snow cleaning and adjacent other areas.

For large landscaping projects, take 3-3.5 ton car, like Bobcat 336.

2.  Let the operator of your equipment study the operating manual to make sure that his experience does not stand up against the structure. In general, of course, all mini-excavators are very similar to the management and location of the panels, for example, Kobelco, Bobcat, IHI, CASE, and Kubota have only small differences in the rules of use, but still identity from different manufacturers is not worth waiting.

3. Explore warning stickers and inscriptions placed around the machine. Always pay attention to any instructions and notes on maintenance, technical diagrams and other important information, especially if it is indicated by the icon of the exclamation mark.

4. Go around the car and see if there are damaged or weakened parts that can be used dangerous. Check the leakage of oil, other liquids, damage to control cables, caterpillars or wheels, and so on. In general, thoroughly inspect the car that the actual normal procedure for any equipment with which you are going to work, then more for which you must pay.


Mini-excavators are earthwear, but they are also good for sorting, lifting weights, sealing the subgrade. The greater the experience of the operator of the machine, the more experienced and the more processes it can carry out using the machine.

Portal Project Rodrey wishes you only high -quality equipment at your construction site.

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