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What is cellular material from massive wood

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What is cellular material from massive wood

This is a fairly new material where the structure of the plate has many small air cells. Such a cellular structure is obtained here as a result of gluing wood with layers of wood of different breeds, where everything is distributed evenly. The strength is combined with ease, but good insulation of heat and ecology of raw materials also deserves attention. From such materials, plates are released where their use is very different.

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In their forms, they are even and flat, and also bent. There are even stiffeners in the body from a continuous layer of wood, where it does not have perforation. Also, cell wood serves for the manufacture of blocks, where they are more durable than slabs, and their thickness is larger. The sides of such a material are faced with layers of wood, and it itself is used for the construction of load -bearing walls in buildings. Can still be as an overlap, or in the form of a panel for a ceiling or floor.

The plate of three layers is faced with plywood or similar materials and is used for the manufacture of furniture. Tamburat has similar properties, where the chipboard outside still has a cardboard filler in the middle.

The plate is very strong and is able to withstand any load. From this type I make built -in furniture and design developments on such a topic.

Consumers are a little incredulous to the novelty and still doubt that the cell cardboard in the stove has these qualities. However, the structure is really reliable, and also receives protection from sheets outside. There are also embedded strips and nothing bad will happen to such furniture.

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