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We start repairs in the apartment

by newsgary

We start repairs in the apartment

You wanted to make repairs in the apartment, debugged money so as not to feel the lack of funds when buying all building materials and tools, but having prepared, you do not know where you do not know where to start? Then our article is specifically for you.

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First, on a simple paper sheet, draw the contours of your page and all the walls that you have. Also schematically indicate where you have furniture and household appliances. Why is it? Yes, then, to decide on places where there are sockets or sewer communications. In our drawn scheme, decide in which places the sockets will be located after the repair, as well as the electrical panel, to which all the wires will be brought in the apartment.

This is followed by draft electrical work, which are a kind of preparatory, before laying the wiring.

Black, plumbing work, represent the installation of water pipes, as well as sewage pipes. Before laying pipes – the walls need to be lasted.

Work related to plaster and drywall will give you the opportunity to align the walls.

Do not be afraid of the word repairs, because this is not so scary. Good luck.

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