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The roof of my house….

by newsgary

Without which element it is impossible to imagine a house? Why is it worth paying attention to each element of the roof? What is – Sofita?

To argue about which part of the house is the most important, you can do hoarse. And even to the fight. However, it is unlikely that at least one person would like to live in a house without a roof. Even if there is no rain or snow, this option would be, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.

However, this is in childhood, we could put a piece of plywood on three or four sticks in the garden and consider it a roof. Today the roof is a rather complicated structural element in which there are quite a lot of subtleties. For example, for the roof to “hold” heat, there it would be worth laying thermal insulation material. But if he does not “breathe”, then decay and accumulation of condensate will begin. Therefore, ventilation is needed.

Here, to solve this problem, sofits for the roof are used. In a simplified version, this is a regular “lining” that is knocked out from below to avoid excess moisture. In some cases, Sofites are made with small holes to provide ventilation and avoid accumulation of condensate and, as a possible scenario, rotting of thermal insulation materials.

In what volumes, and with what technological features to use sofits – you need to solve in each case. One thing needs to be remembered for sure – this is an element of the entire roof and its application should not contradict the overall functionality of the roof.

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