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The knock of connecting rod bearings

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What actions to take a car owner in if the knocks of connecting rods arise. The main malfunctions, measures to eliminate.

There is a sharp knock from the connecting rod bearings on the radical move of the “engine” of the car due to the opening of the throttle. To determine the place of such a knock, the spark plugs of the vehicle are turned off alternately.

The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: the oil pressure indicator is insufficient; There is an enlarged gap formed in the area of ​​the connecting rod of the crankshaft and inserts; The non -parallelness of the axes in the lower, upper head of the connecting rod mechanism is visible; Operation of oil, which does not correspond to the format at all.

To eliminate such malfunctions is required:

– Clean the reduction valve from burrs, extra particles; If necessary, then replace the spring (valve);

– carry out repair work of the oil pump;

– make a roller crankshaft to the format to the repair size, change the inserts;

– Control the operation of the sensor demonstrating the degree of oil pressure, possibly replace it;

– Filled oil must be replaced with oil, which is recommended in the operational instructions of the vehicle.

If the gap is still increased, then you need to gamble the connecting rod of the crankshaft. Then replace these liners. If the axes are not parallelized, then you can disassemble the group of a connecting rod piston standard, replace the connecting rod.

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