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Suba BRZ sports car was presented in the form of a concept at the Los Angeles 2011 car dealership, and then at the Tokyo 2011 Motor Show was shown a serial car. It should be noted that the Toyota GT 86 related car was also shown here, which was created with the master from Suba. And I must say that these cars are very similar, it will probably be easier to find similar details than distinguishing. At the same time, we are talking not only about the exterior, but also about the technical filling of these cars. As a result, we see that this Suba Brz car from the Toyota GT 86 model differs at the expense of different front bumpers, which is also offered here with a new version of the air intake, and we also see a different section for vague lamps, well, we also note a different wheel drawing discs. And, if you look into the salon of this Suba Brz model, then we see that it is almost the same as the Toyota GT 86. And the difference in interiors’ design is these coupes only as the materials used and even in the design of the panel, and in the block of the multimedia system. At the same time, these coupes have the same design of their chassis, as well as here the same unit, which has a working volume of two liters, which has direct injection and works on the basis of gasoline, it develops a power of 200 horses and 205 nm. And this torque itself goes to the back axis due to the efforts of the six -speed manual transmission or at the expense of the automatic transmission. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the differential, which has increased friction, is already included in the base of these coupe. But to the Russian market, this car is in a quota of 60 cars, and orders began to be accepted from August, and the price of one Suba BRZ compartment in Russia is 1,436,000 rubles.

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