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Selection of finishing materials according to design

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The design is very important. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right color of the finish and materials.

The main rule in this aspect is that finishing materials in any bathroom should be very moisture resistant.

Ceramic tile.

Ceramic is divided into floor and wall. It is produced in different gamut, with different texture. This is the best finishing material for this room. It has good environmental resistance. Temperature changes almost do not affect the properties of ceramic tiles. . Haramic floor tiles should not be slippery. It can have as a smooth surface and rough, but not glossy.

For the bathroom: artificial stone, natural stone, mosaic.

As coatings for the bathroom, it is possible to apply natural or artificial stone. Usually use marble and granite. Both of these materials are very strong, but at the same time they are very expensive and heavy. Artistic mosaic of the highest quality – very plastic material.


Mirrors are usually used when decorating ceilings and walls of bathrooms. The space is expanding them and this room is better lit. This is very important, since very, very often bathrooms are not very large. Mirrors may also be used in combinations with other materials, for example with ceramic tiles.

Aluminum .

The ceiling in the bathroom can be performed by suspended. The design of hinged ceilings is very simple. This ceiling consists of rails made of aluminum. And they are mounted in the corners that are attached to the ceiling of this bathroom. Reiki are of different colors, both narrow and wide, they can be very easily made of the desired length. Just cutting off an unnecessary piece. Rheal ceilings are very moisture resistant. It is very easy to insert lamps or ventilation grilles into this ceiling . The only thing that they can be used in square, rectangular bathrooms .

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