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Choosing a refrigerator. Prices and manufacturers

by newsgary

The price is the first thing we look at when our selection of the refrigerator. It directly depends on the dimensions of the unit, what functions it can perform and its technical components. Of course, this dependence is direct, that is, the more opportunities, the higher the price.

There is the following pattern, inexpensive angates are produced mainly by domestic companies, such as Atlant, Indesit and Stinol, because they do not need to cross borders and pay customs fees. These refrigerators are mostly small or medium -sized and perform only the simplest functions. But if you do not put the super -entertainment in front of your refrigerator and you just have to cool the foods, keep frozen supplies and prevent food from deteriorating, then you may well be a similar unit. In addition to domestic, refrigerators of this price category are produced by foreign companies, such as Ardo, Samsung, LG and others.

Look at the prices for refrigerators. Refrigerators of the middle price category is a low price and a larger set of functions than cheap. Almost all manufacturers of refrigeration equipment have such devices. These units are less noisy, and are distinguished by the best indicators of energy consumption. The number of cameras in such refrigerators is two or three, and they have a variety of dimensions and volumes.

Dear units are distinguished by their sizes, the materials from which they are made, an unusual design and have a wide set of additional capabilities, such as:

– alarm with an open door;

– light or sound alarm fever;

– the ability to hold the temperature for a long time;

– forced ventilation system;

– LCD display;

– built -in household appliances (TV, camera) and so on.

The refrigerators of this price category have very high reliability and relatively lower than the readings of electricity consumption.

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