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Private road in private possessions

by newsgary

Which of the owners of country houses, cursing on the next bump, did not dream of a good, high -quality road to his own house. Sometimes even the routes of federal significance in Russia are of non -proper quality, and when you move on the country road, you remember the quality through your teeth ..

But to make a good entrance to the village and the roads inside it are quite capable of the owners of country houses, especially if the village is not small. Collect a meeting, organize legally correctly a cooperative or another form of management and collect the necessary amount of money. At the same time, even road workers can not be called, do not wait and not overpay for their laziness. And take construction equipment for rent – this is the catalog of construction equipment, and do everything on your own. Surely one of the neighbors has experience in road construction.

For the arrangement of high -quality and durable road surface, it is very important to thoroughly level the surface under the canvas. Seal with vibro -plate, pour gravel and sand, compact again and only after that pour in bitumen and hot asphalt, again compacting and rolling out.

So that the road does not crack in the spring, it is necessary to use a special fabric, which absorbs forces that occur during the friction of crushed stone, expanding and compressed during temperature differences.

And so that the coating is not dirty and wet, it must be done not perfectly even, horizontal, but with a small slope to the side of the road where storm drains are equipped. Then the water during severe precipitation will not wash the road surface along the edges, and the dirt and crushed stone that fell on it, to crush the asphalt coating – since most likely they will be washed off into storm drains.

Using not hired work, but their own, the work of those who pay money for materials and equipment, you can be more confident in the final quality and durability of the final product – a private road in your joint possessions.

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