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Plastering yourself

by newsgary

It’s no secret that the walls in our homes are far from ideal. If so, then try to give some tips for independent leveling of the walls.

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The walls can really be leveled with plaster. Plastic walls will delight for many years. The disadvantage of the method is the relative complexity of the work itself. You must have a certain experience in conducting plastering work. The second drawback is that during operation there will be a lot of dirt and dust in the room.

Before starting work, the walls are thoroughly cleaned of the old plaster, the required amount of the new mixture is prepared (about 2 cm of the thickness of the plaster layer will require up to 16 kg of the mixture). It will not be possible to do without an additional tool: you need a level, special rails and a metal rail (aluminum) and a plumb line.

The process of installing lighthouses is especially important, it is determining to create a flat surface of the wall. Pulling horizontal threads and putting the beacons, you can proceed to applying the plaster layer. The plaster is applied to the wall, aligned with a spatula and checked by a metal rail. So the surface will turn out to be flat. The main thing is not to go beyond the borders of the lighthouses. We check any action to your favorite rail. It should go to the surface perfectly. If this is not so, then you were mistaken, and the wall will not work perfectly even.

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