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How to replace glass in plastic windows with your own hands.

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Plastic windows have long been positively affected by everyday use and operation by ordinary residents. Everyone probably knows that plastic windows are convenient, practical and in principle, an economical option for the windows of your apartment, or your private house. At times and plastic windows have situations when repairs should be carried out. Let’s talk about the replacement of glass in plastic windows. The procedure is far from cunning, but you just need to know a few nuances. First, the queue with the help of graduates must be removed the old non -suitable double -glazed window. The following that you will need to install special plastic gaskets under the putty. This procedure must be done until the old double -glazed window is taken out of the frame with the help of graduates. After that, you can safely insert a new double -glazed window into the frame. Everything is quite simple, and does not require special skill, all that you will need this caution and attention. Many firms manufacturers can change your plastic window, according to warranty, but it often happens that the warranty on plastic windows has already expired so as not to spend your nerves and money on the master, you can replace your plastic windows in the above method.

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