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Gold pendants and jewelry: fashion trends and how to choose

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Pendants are one of the simplest, most convenient and sought-after pieces of jewelry. They are suitable for women of any age, body type, and cost less than most other types of products made from precious metals. It is suggested to choose and buy jewelry from Evry Jewels, where they have a huge range of products.

Main fashion trends

There are several trends to consider when purchasing pendants. Among them are:

  1. Simple options symbolizing nature. These can be stylized flowers, leaves, small twigs. These types are suitable for everyday wear, for example, in the office. Some variants are created with insects encrusted with gemstones. These types of jewelry look more luxurious, cost more, and are best worn to the theater, restaurant, and other events.
  2. Simple geometric shapes in the form of a triangle, rhombus, oval and others. They can serve as esoteric symbols. Such jewelry can be worn with sports or casual clothes, worn with jeans and shirts, blouses, sweaters and jumpers.
  3. Pendants with voluminous figures symbolizing various holidays and zodiac signs are becoming fashionable.
  4. Art Deco style pendants are suitable as decoration for various events when evening dresses or suits are worn and a woman wants to have modest but memorable jewelry.
  5. Products inlaid with pearls and precious stones are the most luxurious options for pendants; they are worn on special occasions to add integrity to the look. The general style of clothing and jewelry is important here.
  6. Pendants with imitation of ancient coins, or stylization of famous products.
  7. Pendants with amulets and talismans are suitable for constant wear with any clothing.


The selection is made based on the woman’s age, her preferences, and what holiday or event the pendant will be worn for. In this case, it is worth considering clothing and body type. The thickness of the chain and its length are selected.

For open necklines, you should use long pendants that will have a massive object. For closed dresses, blouses, shirts, you should choose short chains and smaller items.

The most common are yellow gold jewelry. This is the most universal option; it is suitable for women of any type, age, hair color.

Products made of white and rose gold should be combined with the shades of clothing, hair color, and features of the outfit.

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