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Car loaning in Russia is becoming more popular every year.

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Over 40% of Russians purchase cars on credit. There are different car loans: Trade-in, express Credit, classic, interest-free, without an initial contribution, without insurance, Buyback. Only persons who have proven themselves (permanent work, good credit history (including other banks) can take a classic car loan. Upon receipt of such a loan, the financial institution checks the duration of the borrower at one workplace, and the availability of other loans and real estate, income (a certificate is required). To get a classic loan from the borrower, many of all documents are required, which scares away many people who want to receive borrowed money in this type of car loan. Yes, and compulsory insurance of OSAGO and CASCO, and the initial contribution, which can be 10-20 %% of the loan amount also stops many Russians. But the instructions for technical operation for a foreign car written on a foreign language, the consumer does not scare away. Indeed, with the help of specialists from the translation bureau at a notary public, a foreign text of any complexity will be translated. Credit with practically without paperwork-this is express credit. Small package of documents and quick receipt of the car. However, this type of lending provides for increased interest rates and 30% of the initial contribution. This is quite happy with this, because, taking a loan for a car, he immediately becomes the owner of the car.

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