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Cadillac 60 Series

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September 8, 2013 | 9:31

This machine became a real symbol of America and gave rise to many rumors, speculations and pleasant memories. The pink “Cadillac” of the 60th series of 1955 among most Americans symbolized with the embodiment of the American dream, and the man who made this car with such a symbol-Elvis Presley, the famous king Rock-n Roll.   The famous singer and musician had a craving for two things all his life – guitars and “Cadillacs”. These huge luxurious machines, named after the founder of Detroit, born with an ordinary family of Elvis, inspired delight and symbolized success and dream. For life, he changed them very much, and sometimes he got rid of them in a very original way. Once he paid him with his dentist, in another case he gave an expensive car a fan, signing on his hood. But he was faithful to the end. A pink car with a white roof and telephones purchased on the website /Section109.ASPX, he nicknamed “Mama Mobile”, since he was presented by Elvis of his mother, Gladys Presley. And then he was blue, with a black roof. But the king’s mother had no right, and had an accident on him. After it, the car received a white roof, and was repainted by Elvis’s neighbor in pink, which received the name “Elvis Rose”. And the king never parted with this machine.  He made a “Cadillac” with a symbol of success and fame, good luck and not in vain a life lived. “American dream”, as is customary to call it in the USA. The king gave an interview in him, went to concerts, and according to one piquant, but not confirmed version, a lot of his fans visited the back seat of this car. The king died from an overdose of medicines in his Graisland estate. And on the last journey, the legend of America and a very unusual person was escorted by 13 white “cadillacs”. And his famous white – pink friend forever remained a symbol of embodied dream, taking the place of his master in the American Hall of Glory.

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