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Auto-Motor 2004

by newsgary

So the traditional Israeli exhibition ‘Auto-Motor 2004’, which adopted hundreds of thousands of visitors in the Tel Aviv Exhibition Complex,.

First of all, I would like to note that the opening of the new exhibition pavilion affected the overall level of the event. Perfectly decorated scenery raised the traditional Israeli exhibition to the level of European. Almost all participants took advantage of advice and help from abroad in the design of the pavilions, and many delivered exhibits directly from European and American exhibitions. This did not go unnoticed by many visitors who, with admiration, surrounded bright scenery, colorful photographs and fiery performances accompanying presentations.

At the mark of many participants, the attendance of the first day exceeded all expectations and with particular pride I would like to note that Russian speech was heard not much less Hebrew, which shows the genuine and deep interest of Russian -speaking fellow citizens in the automobile world. A huge contribution to the variety of exhibitions was made by the pavilions of accessories, audio and multimedia equipment, tuning, restyling and other directions.

Most importers presented 2004-2005 models at the exhibition, which will mainly be offered to the consumer in the near future.

Unlike previous years, when many firms set forth on the show of prototypes (concept), the currently exhibited models were, in fact, the early presentation of the latest models of the next year. It can be noted the general trend of most importers to update the lineup, an increase in the level of comfort and an increase in the variety of cars offered.

As expected, the excitement around the arrived king of the sedans, Maybach, gathered thousands of people in the Colmobil-Mercedes pavilion, and the democratic demonstration of convertibles SL-500 and CLK-320 gave many the opportunity to feel the enchanting influence of the Mercedes salon.

Mitsubishi did not miss the opportunity to once again remind visitors about their sports inclinations by the Lancer Evo 8 demonstration, as well as the Magnum Rally-RAID and Pajero King “Wow”, the winner of the Paris-Dakar rally.

Hyundai presented the concept of unity of models, emphasizing this with a single color scheme (silver). The new SUV Tucson, planned for sale in early autumn, conquered the grace of lines and design. It is no secret that for many visitors the unexpected connection of Hyundai with the X-Treem league and rally-raid for SUVs was a revelation. Presented by Terracan-Extreem, as well as the Terracan rally-eating-wounded-willed racetrack, which has invariably led to the victory of the Jerusalem riders, demonstrated this company’s commitment to motor sports in Israel.

Citroen and Peugeot, who occupied the central platform of the main pavilion, showed a number of interesting models that emphasize well -thought -out French design and ergonomics. The champion of the Citroen Xsara WRC rally champion was a nail that was located under a bright service awning. The new “beetle” and the luxurious Phaeton sedan were met by Volkswagen visitors in the new pavilion. Representatives of the Golf family in all their variety of models, design levels, including a new 6-speed automatic gearbox, took a worthy place. An additional model on the basis of Golf was the presentation of the version of the commercial car based on Caddy, already presented in its passenger version under the name “Life”.

Porsche Carrera GT presented a year ago, but still occupies a central place at the exhibition in the Porsche pavilion. In any case, having a V-shaped ten under the hood, and developing more than 600 horses, decorated as a real racing car, it will attract close attention in 10 years. According to the importer, there are already several potential customers for this miracle of technology, despite the fact that its cost is comparable to the cost of the villa.

BMW salon attracted numerous visitors by demonstrating the luxurious compartment of the 645 series. In the near future, both versions: convertible and coupe will appear in the exhibition pavilions of the importer.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting new products was Toyota Prius. It is interesting primarily because Toyota, still demonstrating the advantage and innovation in technologies and concepts of automotive industry, proposed a fundamentally new solution for an ecological car. Prius is a car like HSD (Hybrid Synergy Drive), in which the drive of the leading wheels is carried out from gasoline ICE (1.5 l, 76 L100 km) are the result of a combined operating mode of the internal combustion engine and electric motor, controlled by “smart” electronics. And although Prius is not the only hybrid of a similar type, you need to pay tribute to Toyota importers who have taken care of the supply of such an interesting and necessary model to Israel.

The dessert of the program of the novelties was, of course, Smart Roadster and the four -door Forfour. These two toys arrived just a day before the opening of the exhibition and shone in all their glory, bribing a funny and direct look.

A vast program for visitors turns a visit to the exhibition into the most vivid, festive and significant event of Easter holidays.

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