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So, we continue to survey the new Audi Sport Qttro. The most dynamic Sport mode, as many guessed, reveals the potential of the hybrid to the whole coil. Although even in this case, the electronics will not completely turn off – it will monitor the supply of energy in the battery to power the electric motor. Before continuing the review, we will ask if you want a high -quality auto -sound in your car? If so, then you need a car sound workshop – click on the link and find out all the details. And we continue. The concept of the concept is 4.6 meters, the width is 1.96, the height is 1.38, and the volume of the wheelbase is 2.78 meters. It turns out that the car is shorter than the Audi A4 sedan by 10 cm, wider than 14 and lower by 4 cm. A4 wheelbase is 2 cm more. The Audi Sport Qttro prototype has acquired a unique climate control control system. He has a change in temperature and intensity of air flows is regulated using special sections built into the air ducts of the ventilation system. In addition to the data on climate settings, another information necessary for the driver in the process of movement is displayed on the display. The two-door salon accommodates up to four passengers, although the sports car itself was created for an egoist driver. This can be said by the digital dashboard displaying navigation data and the testimony of the tachometer and speedometer. There is still a steering wheel with many functions with which you can change the operating mode of the engine. The driver will appreciate the projection display, as well as the alloy wheels of a 21-inch diagonal with 285/30 tires and matrix headlights with LEDs. The latter are installed on the updated flagship A8.

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