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Audi equip the A8 sedan with plastic wheels

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The updated Audi A8 will receive a new set of discs that will be made of not entirely traditional material called Chromtec. Lacks Wheels Trim Systems-the manufacturer of these miracles, states that their disc is made of a lightweight frame, which, in turn, is covered with material almost indistinguishable from metal. This design consists of a corporate polymer, which was subjected to severe processing, proprietary urettan that forms the structure of honeycombs, and the finishes simulating metal.

Lacks Wheels Trim Systems claim that with their innovative plastic disks you can make a car easier than 17.5 kilograms compared to the machine on ordinary steel disks. Weight loss will add efficiency to the car, facilitate management and significantly accelerate its acceleration. It is worth noting that in a fairly large sedan, like Audi A8, any, even the smallest weight loss is a huge plus. Of course, buying a car, few first of all pay attention to its weight. Much more important is the diagnosis of engine and brake system, as they are responsible for people’s lives.

Reducing the weight of the discs entails a decrease in unsproved masses, which accordingly adds comfort and handling on the road. Polymer and plastic wheels have long been developed by different companies. A special stand was developed at the test training ground in 2016, on which similar developments were tested, in particular, there was testing of plastic discs enhanced by glass.

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