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Types of fuel flow sensors

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Types of fuel flow sensors

Any work in road transport, whether it is a taxi, courier service or transportation of goods, is associated with gasoline costs or other types of fuel. In order to control this, as well as prevent theft, companies whose activities are associated with the frequent use of machines, set the fuel consumption sensor in them, which is also called the flowmeter. Two main types of such devices are distinguished: ordinary (single -flow) and differential.

Features of ordinary flow meters

This flow sensor is designed for one fuel stream and does not count the fuel that enters the tank on the opposite channel and is not consumed. Due to their design, some engines can turn off this reverse flow, just for such models and a regular flow meter is designed. Its price is significantly lower than a more complex differential unit.

Differential type

This type of flow meter consists of two sensors. The first serves for the supply flow, and the second for the opposite, each of them is installed on the corresponding channels. Manufacturers of these mechanisms independently pump them relative to each other and install a special electronic fee, which produces the necessary calculations and issues a parameter of the real actual fuel consumption. The cost of such a model starts from 25,000 rubles and depends mainly on the speed of the fluid duct along the sensors.

When choosing the one or sometimes the flow meter, it is necessary to take into account the technical features of engines of different car models. So, on many foreign cars, the installation of a differential unit is not provided and the system can issue data with a large error. On others, “lie” will be a single -type device.

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