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The construction of the summer veranda –

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In order to expand the boundaries of the country house, for this you can make an extension to it, and the best option would be, of course, the veranda.

For the construction of a summer veranda, you can hire construction workers or private carpenter. But whether they will build qualitatively and will not ask for money for the veranda, which may not like the customer either quality or cost? Therefore, you can do construction on your own.

First of all, decide on the veranda and pour the foundation. Before laying the foundation for the summer veranda, you need to analyze the type of soil, which is located in the designated place for it. This is important, since the reliability of the entire structure and the foundation laying event will depend on this.

Make a vertical layout. It is important for a flat foundation laying from the floor of the veranda. Focusing on this, you need to make all the marks. To mark any part of the summer veranda, it is necessary to lay off the desired length and width from the floor level. You can use such a tool as the level.

The construction of walls to the desired height – it can be 1.5 and 2 meters.


Installation of windows, doors.

The final stage: external and interior decoration of the veranda. It is worth noting that if you think over the heating system of the veranda, it can be in it year -round, and this, by the way, significantly increases the area of ​​the house.

The construction of the veranda is completed, now it remains to ennoble the site for a comfortable residence. For example, in the summer you can open a window and feel the aroma of wildflowers, smell of lilac and so on.

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