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The best options for the construction of the walls of the house

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Dear users, a house construction system for their own needs or for any business. I propose to consider several options for building walls so that you can understand their differences, and reason what is more acceptable for you or, what will be secondary for you. Enter the SRO Kazan and engage in construction.

In order to build certain walls, choose the main task of the building for which it will be built. It can be an office building or a private house or a building to be used for commercial purposes.

After that, consider the geographical location of your building. If your building is located in such a climatic zone where the cold is of no small importance, then the wall thickness will have a priority significance for your construction. If you want to place your building in any southern and warm climatic regions, then you need to concentrate more on choosing the material. Here you can save a lot of money.

We start building walls.

The most common is the technology for building walls from foam blocks. They are the easiest to use, easier to rise than materials from concrete. But, of course, at their price they are not so cheap. But there are cheaper options. For example, the construction of walls from slag blocks, B3).

And of course, please forgive me, for this you need a foundation and even a roof. But this is a completely different topic. But I advise you to make the foundation from a “missile” stone. And make the roof out of tin to your choice. Can be painted, you can gallery. The roof should be done before the work of plastering work.

All! A week and your home frame is ready. It remains only to perform plaster on the outer and inside. But add components against fire. Foam is afraid of heat, sun, heating, and of course fire. Therefore, plaster should be very thick in its layer. At least 5 cm. Then you ensure the safety of the building.

Before applying the plaster, it is necessary to sew an iron or other mesh in the external foam blocks. It is necessary to sew up to the inner concrete layer, preferably long screws. Then apply plaster on both sides by level, that is, from the external and internal. From the outside, you can immediately pour a fur coat by means of a coat by eye. It all depends on your taste on the inside. You can even save on the thickness of the plaster up to 4 cm. That’s all, almost a month of painstaking work, you can and should build a private house. Well, other needs will be even more accessible and more compact in time.

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