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Pictures of the new Skoda Octavia RS

by newsgary

To this day, we only knew that Skoda intends to present a high -performance version of the RS recently debuted new generation Octavia.

But today, by mistakes, the Czech automaker uploaded the car pictures into his official configurator.

Images laid out on the Skoda website are slightly blurred, but they still allow us to draw conclusions about the design of the new Octavia RS.

The differences between RS and their smaller brothers and sisters are in a more expressive aerodynamic body kit, which includes an aggressive front bumper with built -in LED daytime running lights, black rear -view mirrors, side skirts, a small spoiler on the trunk lid and a new rear bumper.

Czechs will also offer a new set of cast discs and red brake calipers.

Since Octavia III from a technical point of view is as close as possible to VW Golf, it should not be surprised that the RS will receive a 2.0-liter turbocharged TSI, which will be equipped with the next GTI. Its output power will be 220 liters.With., and the maximum torque will be 350 nm. A pair of the engine will be a six-speed manual gearbox or a 7-speed dual clutch DSG.

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