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At the Moscow International Auto Show, the Russian AvtoVAZ automobile giant presented the Lada Xray concept car, which should become a symbol of the new era of domestic automotive industry. The machine is truly amazing, delightful, combined with a powerful engine, should create a powerful base for subsequent generations of the Volga Automobile Plant family. The first serial cars with XRAY design should get off the conveyor in 2015. These are very promising and fundamentally new models, such as BM-Hatch, B-Cross, as well as Lada B-a new model of Lada Priora. These projects are already implemented. BM-Hatch is planning to make a high city car with a handle hatchback. The B-Cross car, respectively, is a fundamentally new crossover based on a class in platform in. Many motorists expected something more grandiose in terms of the design of a new car, but nevertheless, in my opinion, the machine turned out to be really very attractive. After all, it was not for nothing that they persistently said that AvtoVAZ needs to change the design of her cars. And finally it happened – the new design laid the foundation for the new era of the domestic auto industry!

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