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Choice for repairing an apartment of building materials

by newsgary

Before you start repairs in the apartment, you need to plan for previously the decoration of the room of each, and you need to calculate how much the material of one or another is required for each room.

First you need to replace the old sewer and water pipes, when choosing a plumbing of this type, it is worth stopping on plastic pipes for both sewage and water supply. Metal use or metal -plastic pipes is not recommended since their durable service life.

Heating. If centralized heating is installed in the apartment, it is better to terminate it and go to autonomous, it is economical and practical. By the way, the construction forests of the tour are also now used in the construction of large buildings of cottages and country houses.

The decoration of each room in this case should be relying on your taste and on the characterization of materials.

To level the ceiling, you need to use drywall, stretch ceiling or plastic panels. For residential rooms, drywall is ideal. In non -residential rooms there will be a practical ceiling from plastic panels mounted and a stretch ceiling can be used in any room.

For walls, wallpaper or putty in the guest and bedrooms are suitable for walls. To finish walls in the kitchen and hallway, you need to cover with material practical material these materials are bamboo wallpaper, Venetian plaster, MDF panels.

It is better to linen the walls in the toilet and the bathroom with ceramic tiles.

Flooring. Before installing the flooring, you need to make the surface equal to the floor, for this you need to buy a dry mixture called half a liquid or a screed of a bulk. Parquet is ideal for all rooms, but in addition to the bathroom and toilet in these rooms it is better to use ceramic tiles.

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