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Car seats for children over six years old

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If young children now began to put everything more often in car seats and this has already become the norm for many, then when transporting children over 6-7 years old, many relate to their safety quite negligently. It seems to many that for this it will be enough to put the child on the pillow and just fasten it with a seat belt.

But in fact it is very dangerous. If you fix the child like this, then you will expose him to a very great risk. It will be much more dangerous than if he simply had not been fastened. With sharp braking, the unimportant pillow by inertia will shift forward, and with it the child. The child will slide down, and the belt may be on his neck, thus causing a more serious injury. So we strongly recommend that you turn to children’s car seats. Try, at least an Inglesin car seat that are intended for children of absolutely any age. For children over 6 years old, both a chair and a small “booster” are well suited – they are smaller and cheaper.

Thanks to the booster, you can raise the child to the required height to correctly fasten the child with ordinary seat belts. You can use such a seat until the child’s growth exceeds 150 cm, especially since the service life of such a chair is quite large. Booster should have special limiters that should be worn on seat belts. The child will be reliably fixed and his movements will not be limited by anything. And remember that it is necessary to turn off the airbags near the place where the children’s chair is located.

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